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Applicant Tracking System

Our state-of-the-art applicant tracking system, developed by recruiters for recruiters, is a powerful tool to enhance your hiring process.
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Unveiling Common Concerns With Other Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems Are Too Expensive
Systems Are Not User Friendly
Not Engaging for Applicants
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Unlock the Power of Talent Engagement with Gatekeeper by HRmango

A Streamlined, Automated, and Cost-Effective Solution for All Your Recruiting Needs.

Your company’s ability to hire great talent is as important as ever – so making sure you are ready for the ever changing job markets is essential. If you need to scale your team quickly or simplify your hiring process, Gatekeeper gives you the right technology and support to manage it all with ease.

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What They’re Saying

GateKeeper has been a life changer. Incredibly easy to transition into and understand. As a contract recruiter, it has made it a dream come true to keep track of my candidates and jobs all in one place. Organized, easily accessible, and simple to see metrics and statuses.

Kayla HardySeasoned Recruiter

Gatekeeper is a straightforward and user-friendly experience for any recruiter! I love how easy it is to keep track of and manage candidates. Gatekeeper allows you to build a candidate pipeline, keep track of clients and jobs, and organize your data in an efficient manner. This is a great software that everyone can use and benefit from!

Brittany Davidson

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