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Recruitment Support Organization (RSO)

We love independent direct hire recruiters. RSO provides resources and systems to help independent recruiters focus on their client relationships while our recruiters run your searches in the background.

HR Woes Unraveled

My Active Clients Go Up and Down Every Month
I Currently Use Spreadsheets To Track My Clients
I Get Caught Up In the Busy Work of Recruiting and Don’t Have Enough Time With Clients

Recruiting for Recruiters

You can rent our network or recruiters to help you accelerate your growth without ever hiring or firing another recruiter on your team. RSO allows you to expand and contract your recruiting support based on your active clients. RSO is available via subscription or per job.

1. Empowerment in Recruitment

RSO makes every independent recruiter their own team. You can choose how many recruiters you need every month and never need to hire or fire.

2. Unlock Efficiency and Control

With an RSO subscription, you have access to GateKeeper, our proprietary ATS system. This also includes a billing feature to help manage your receivables.

3. The Freedom to Thrive

All our recruiters are trained and set up with resume databases and system access to hit the ground running. By utilizing a jr. recruiter to do your busy with, it frees you up to strengthen your client relationships and find new clients.

Having The Right Team and Systems Behind You, Is A Recipe for Success.

Automating busy work is the challenge for all good companies. Our RSO model is designed to help you maximize your profit and client base. Contact us today about our RSO support packages/subscriptions.
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