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HR and Recruiting Consulting

Maximize your HR potential with our affordable consulting services.

A Closer Look at Common HR Consulting Pain Points

Bad Candidate Experience
Bad New Hire Onboarding Experience
Bad Retention In Your Employees

Consulting Solutions to Elevate Your Game

1. Policy Creation

2. Process Improvement

3. Compensation

What They’re Saying

I have enjoyed working with HR Mango. I appreciate their flexibility and their consistent feedback and communication.

It has been great to work with HR Mango over the years. They are always happy to help and work with my schedule and the organization’s needs. I appreciate that I can reach out to them and they work along side of us as someone on my team and just not a contractor and just a service provider of bodies. They really want to understand my business and our needs.

Steve Brossard
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Mango Tip!

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