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In today’s chaotic world of recruiting, finding the time to hire the right employee is a critical step. Writing the job ads, posting the ads, launching the social media campaign, screening the candidates, conducting phone interviews, working with the managers and scheduling interviews is a lengthy and time consuming process. That’s why we created HRmango. Today, you can rent a recruiter to help you with all of those steps, one requisition at a time. Use our recruiters when times are busy, and turn us off when your positions are all filled. We have removed the need to hire and fire in-house recruiters.

At HRmango we allow you to rent our recruiters, our computers, our phones and our systems, for a flat price per requisition. Yes you heard that correctly, not a price per person you hire, you pay per requisition. So, if you need one sales person, or 10 sales people, in the same geographic location, the cost is the same for a whole month worth of recruiting support.

Give us a call today and let us explain more about how we can help you simplify your recruiting process. Not only can we help you save money, we will help you save time.