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  1. Mangos decrease your chances of getting cancer….. HRmango will help you hire great talent so you can weed out your office cancers!
  2. Mangos reduce your cholesterol levels…. HRmango will speed up your hiring process and clear out those unwanted clogs.
  3. Mangos keep your skin free from acne….HRmango will help improve your image when it comes to a great candidate experience.
  4. Mangos fight dry eye and improve night vision….HRmango will provide market data and realtime data to help you see what’s coming.
  5. Mangos help boost your digestive System….HRmango will help you improve HR processes to make sure everything flows smoothly.
  6. Mangos help manage your weight….HRmango will lighten your workload by taking on the busy work.
  7. Mangos fight against heat stroke….HRmango will help keep things cool in the office with outplacement services when times get tight.
  8. Mangos can reverse your diabetes…..HRmango will help you stay balanced with your hiring making sure you have a diverse workforce.
  9. Mangos help maintain your blood pressure…HRmango will keep a finger on the pulse of your recruiting model.
  10. Mangos boost your memory health…..HRmango will provide an applicant tracking system so you remember all your great candidates.
  11. Mangos slow down the aging process…..HRmango will provide direct access to new candidates entering the workforce.
  12. Mangos give the immune system a helping hand…..HRmango will adjust your helping hands every month depending on your needs.
  13. Mangos help to improve asthma….HRmango will be your breath of fresh beach air no matter where you are located.
  14. Mangos improve your fertility…..HRmango will help you expand your recruiting family.
  15. ADD more mangos and HRmango to your work diet and company culture!!!! Go ahead TASTE the mango!